Sakura Network

This site aims to support the Overseas human resources’s working and to stay permanently in Japan. Our company is specializing in cooking and nursing care, and we will help foreign workers through this.

We support Overseas human resources who work and stay in Japan for an extended period.

In Japan, the working population decreases yearly due to the aging society with fewer children, and every industry holds a labor shortage.
Therefore, SQUARE Planning Co., Ltd. and WING STAFF Co., Ltd. support Overseas human resources working and living in Japan for a long time as a partnership business.
For foreigners who have already stayed in Japan or are considering coming to Japan If you find any interesting items on this page regarding the workplaces career path for long-term stay and helpful information in Japan, please click the button. We specialize in job placement in the fields of cooking and nursing care.

An example of residence status and career paths for long-term stay